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Tech 2 Tech Distributors Ltd.

“Tech 2 Tech”, was founded in 2011 aiming to be a reliable and trustworthy distributor into the area of consumer electronics. Tech 2 Tech, is a distributor for smartphones, tablets, gadgets and accessories in the Cyprus market the company  runs as a 100% independent distribution company, with no direct or indirect interest with reseller outlets


To grow our business in a sustainable manner by:

  • providing quality products and world class services at a great value, when and where our customers want them
  • by building and sustaining win-win long term relationships with principals – reputable suppliers
  • by building and sustaining positive and lasting relationships with our customers, both resellers and end customers
  • by enhancing customer satisfaction, through exceptional service and customer care, and by improving personal and family life and entertainment.


To become the preferred and most trusted distributor for high – end consumer electronics products and services in Cyprus, representing global brands and offering services that add significant value to our principals – suppliers, our trade customers and the end – consumers.

The premises of Tech 2 Tech distributors are located at 27 Iracleous Street, Athina Tower Offices 202 ,  in Nicosia.

Tech 2 Tech is a fresh, innovative, creative and forward-looking company, with a management that has an enviable truck record.  The management team will act with speed and efficiency in decision making, effectively ensuring agility in responding to market needs and changes as well as our principals’ operational and marketing communications policies / tactics / guidelines.

Positioning of Services / Customer Promise

We aim to offer the most innovative, efficient and effective distributorship services in the market for high – end consumer electronic products in Cyprus. We promise independency, ethical and ‘crystal clear’ co – operation with trade resellers, and working towards positioning our products when and where our customers need them, enhancing customer satisfaction and adding great value to our principals’ brands.

Range of Services

Tech 2 Tech will offer distribution services to resellers / retail shops. Services include order receiving, processing, dispatching of goods, delivery to customer premises, billing and reporting, marketing / promotional support, informing / educating resellers on product developments, new releases, brand positioning.

7777 7708 – Toll Free number for more information

Monday to Friday from 09:00-13:00 and from 14:30-17:30

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