SBS Polo Collection Lightning data cable and charger

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1m long Polo Collection cable, with USB and Lightning connectors for charging and data transfer, pink colour


The Polo USB 2.0 and Lightning connector cable is the ideal product for transferring your data and charging your devices quickly and easily.

The Lightning connector is universal for for iPhone and iPad. Simply insert it into the dedicated port and connect the USB to other devices to power your device or synchronise data such as pictures and music.

This cable has a length of 1m and is covered in silicone. This particular finish ensures a high degree of protection and avoids the formation of tangles, kinks, and twists that prevent the cable from working quickly and easily.

The silk touch effect gives this Lightning cable a smooth, tactile feel. It should always be kept on hand, to fill a multitude of needs.


  • Data transfer and synchronisation
  • Powerful recharging
  • USB 2.0 and Lightning connectors
  • Length of 1m
  • Silicone coating
  • Anti-vibration finish
  • Pink colour


EAN: 8018417241024
Cable type: For data transmission, Power cord
Finishing/Feature: anti-tangle
Cable length: 1 m
Color: Pink
Connector 2: Apple Lightning
Connector 1: USB 2.0
Material: Silicone
Suited for: Recharging, sync and backup

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