Xiaomi Mi 8 64GB Dual Black



Weight: 166g
Storage: 64 GB
Main Camera: 12 MP + 12 MP
Front Camera: 20 MP
Display: 6.21 Inch
Battery: 3300 mAh
Network: 4G LTE
Operating System: Android 8.1 (Oreo)

385.002 Year EU Warranty


Xiaomi Mi 8

The 2018 Xiaomi Flagship

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 | AI dual camera with optical zoom | Dual-frequency GPS

IR face unlock | 6.21” AMOLED Full Screen Display

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845Flagship processor with AIE 845
  • Dual-frequency GPSHigh-accuracy navigation
  • IR face unlockInstant face unlocking even in darkness
  • 6.21” AMOLED Full Screen DisplayHigh contrast, wide color gamut
  • Ultra-thin four-sided curved bodyRounded and lightweight
    for great hand-feel
  • 20MP front cameraAI-powered Beautify
  • AI dual camera with optical zoom12MP + 12MP
  • AI scene detectionStudio lighting effects
    206 detectable scenes
  • AI short video editingInstant cinematic quality
  • 3400 mAh (typ) batterySupports Quick Charge 4+*
  • Multifunction NFCSupports Android Pay
  • Multiple bands support6 modes, 27 bands

Ultra-thin four-sided curved body

Lightweight and curved on all four sides, amazing hand-feel



Curved-edge glass body in an 7000 series aluminum alloy frame.

Customized rounded cornersCustomized raindrop curves

6.21” AMOLED Full Screen Display

Mi 8’s brilliant Full Screen Display measures 6.21″ (diagonal).
A phone of this size would traditionally have a 5.5″ display.

  • 60000:1High contrast
  • DCI-P3Wide color gamut
  • 86.68%Screen to body ratio
  • 18.7:92248×1080 resolution

Dual-frequency GPS

Exceptionally accurate navigation

Mi 8 is the first ever smart phone equipped with dual-frequency GPS. By using both L1
and L5 signals in coordination, accuracy is improved to unprecedented levels.

AI dual camera with optical zoom

DxOMark photo score: 105

1.4μm large pixels brighten and bring out the details of nightscape photos.
SLR-quality dual pixel auto focus allows the Mi 8 to snap photos rapidly.

Optical zoom
4-axis optical stabilization
1.4μm large pixels
Dual camera designed for portraits
Dual pixel autofocus
12MP + 12MP
dual camera
Hardware multi-frame noise reduction

7 Studio Lighting Modes

Easily shoot portraits with studio-like lighting, powered by AI

Mi 8 is a portrait studio in your pocket. Instantly transport your portrait to the shadow under a summer tree, or beneath a window where gentle rays shine through.

  • Leaf

    Sunshine passes through hanging leaves so that speckles of shadow and light intersect

    Note: Will be available via OTA (see footnote for details).

  • Movie

    Lighting that imitates the classic films of time past

    Note: Will be available via OTA (see footnote for details).

AI short video editing

Instant cinematic quality

On the street or at home, shoot attractive short videos with ease. With 7 AI-powered effects, you can edit, add music and mix colors to give your video the feeling of Hollywood trailer.

  • Movie
  • Epic
  • Metropolis
  • Halo
  • Upbeat
  • Stop motion
  • Dynamic

Note: Will be available via OTA (see footnote for details).

AI scenescape photography

Intelligently detects 206 scenes
Real-time optimization

The AI camera can distinguish between 206 common scenes and automatically adjusts exposure, saturation and other optimizations.

  • AI scene detection

    Automatic optimizations capture
    vast scenic beauty


  • AI nightscape recognition

    Smarter analytics means clearer
    nightscape photos


  • AI portrait recognition

    Spectacular portraits are instant
    and effortless

20MP front camera

3D Beautify blurs backgrounds for stunning portraits

Powerful analytic capabilities couple with 1.8μm large pixel (4-in-1 Super Pixel) technology to produce clearer, brighter selfies.
The newly upgraded 3D Beautify uses AI to blur backgrounds with a single camera. It’s as if each shot is taken in front of a studio canvas.

3D Beautify

Highlights features and shows a real-time preview

AI analyzes every facial feature and creates a 3D model, which it uses to highlight features and capture your best self.

It can even detect the angle of the shot to ensure that your selfies are always natural.

  • Slender
  • Big eyes
  • Nose
  • Risorius
  • Lips
  • Chin

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845

Flagship processor

The Snapdragon™ 845 is another leap forward in performance from Qualcomm®.
Whether you’re switching between multiple apps or battling the enemy in an intense game, this processor is an indispensable tool.

IR face unlock

Instant face unlocking even in darkness

Note: Only available in certain regions.

Multifunction NFC

Not just your phone—your wallet too
Supports Android Pay

Transparent glass body. Stand out from the crowd.

Available only in the Mi 8 Explorer Edition:

3D structured-light face unlock

More secure face recognition

The forefront of facial recogntion tech in the space of a square inch.

An infrared camera, flood illuminator, dot projector and more combine to form the structured-light 3D scanner.

It’s a more secure way to unlock with a glance.

AR emojis

By capturing the movement of 52 facial muscles, these animated friends are able to imitate not only your facial expressions, but your voice too.

World’s first pressure sensitive
in-screen fingerprint sensor

A highly sensitive pressure sensor that improves the rate of fingerprint recognition.

When unlocking, it also vibrates the finger to complete the unlocking experience.

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