SBS Virtual Reality Viewer with earphones


Virtual reality viewer with built-in retractable in-ear earphones, 3.5mm jack, volume control key, action key

EAN 8018417241352
Connector Jack 3,5 mm
Material ABS + spherical resin lens
Suited for Smartphone 4.7” – 6” LCD Screen
Buttons Volume control, Answer/End call
Coupling mode Adjustable elastic band
Size 194 x 117 x 127 mm
Other features Retractable in-ear earphones
Visual angle 102?

39.902 Year EU Warranty


This virtual reality viewer is the ideal product for those who want to experience a unique mobile gaming experience.
Innovative technology and materials that combine comfort and practicality make this viewer a must-have for anyone who loves gaming on smartphones.

The VR Viewer is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems and fits all smartphones in 4.7″ and 6″ sizes. The cushioned material applied around the eye contour guarantees unmatched comfort; in addition, the elastic strap is adjustable and provides exceptional comfort.

This virtual reality viewer also comes with retractable in-ear earpieces to provide 360? all round sound.
Control buttons are at your fingertips: you can adjust the volume and answer any incoming calls on your smartphone; also, thanks to the “action” button, you can interact quickly and easily with the game.

Using this viewer is very simple: you just have to insert the smartphone into the slot and adjust the lens’s eye distance. From this point you are ready to immerse yourself completely in virtual reality.
The new frontier of entertainment is now virtual reality. Comfort and playability are accompanied by the highest levels of visuals and sound: it’s the ideal choice for true enthusiasts.

Download the PDF in the “Documentation” to obtain the updated list of compatible apps.


Compatible with 4.7″ to 6″ smartphones
Adjustable eyepiece distance
Adjustable elastic strap
ABS material + resin lenses
Visual angle: 102?
Reversible earbuds
3.5 mm jack for earphones
Action button
Volume control
Answer/End key

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