SBS Runway Fit Stereo Earset with adjustable holder


Sport Earset Runway Fit with adjustable holder,universal jack 3,5 mm

EAN 8018417215209
Included accessories 1 soft bag
Connector 3.5 mm jack
Buttons Answer/End call
Audio sound (mono/stereo) Stereo
Speaker frequency response 20-20.000 Hz
Speaker impedence 16 Ohm Typ
Microphone Into separated body

24.992 Year EU Warranty


Earphones of Runway Fit series are suitable for all those who want to listen music during exercise. Thanks to the flexible arches that block them behind the ears, you can run without fear that you can lose them. The technical characteristics make them sweat resistant and offer optimum sound quality.
The Runway Fit headset convenience does not finish there: they come with an answer/end call button and a microphone so you can easily communicate with your smartphone. There is also a soft bag in the pack so you can always carry them with you without fear of damaging.


  • Soft pack included
  • Microphone
  • Answer/end call button
  • 3.5 mm jack

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