SBS Micro USB charging kit for cars


2100 mAh car charger with 2.1 A USB output and Micro USB cable for charging and data transfer, length 100 cm

EAN 8018417237355
Included accessories Charging cable
Input 12/24 VDC
Output 5VDC / 2.1A
Cable length 100 cm
Connector USB 2.1A
Maximum output power 10 W
Cable USB 2.0 / Micro USB
Charging type Fast
Other features Intelligent Charge


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This 2100 mAh car charger is the right product for anyone who wants to power up their devices while driving.
The power supply is equipped with a 2.1A universal USB output suitable for charging smartphones and tablets. You can also make full use of the devices that support Micro USB technology thanks to the cable included in the package.
Simply insert the USB connector into the appropriate output of the charger and the Micro USB end to the devices that have this type of connection. You can also use the cable individually to transfer and synchronize data such as images, videos and music.
Intelligent Charge technology allows this portable charger to provide the required energy in a short time. In fact, in just 30 minutes the charge level of your device will already be at 50%.
Carry this car kit with you at all times: the essential accessory to tackle a long journey without being left with a flat battery.


2100 mAh battery charger
1 USB output of 2.1 A
Charging cable with USB connectors – Micro USB
Intelligent Charge
Charge level after 30 minutes: 50% *
Recharge type: fast
* charging times are approximate and will depend on the device being recharged.

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