SBS Glass screen protector for iPhone XS Max

A screen protector for iPhone XS Max phones that features shock-resistant tempered glass

EAN: 8018417255946
Included accessories: wet cleaning wipe, dry cleaning wipe
Type: Tempered glass screen protector, Anti-shock screen protector
Material: Glass/Silicone
Finishing/Feature: Transparent, Antiscratch


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This special protective screen is made from tempered glass, and ensures protection for your phone from little bumps and scratches. It adheres well to the smartphone display, providing space for the camera and the microphone. It has been specifically designed to absorb powerful impacts, so as to always ensure a perfect display.
In addition, the package includes a damp and a dry cloth to clean the glass of your smartphone before applying the glass screen protector.

Material: tempered glass
For iPhone XS Max

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