SBS Car charger – Micro USB


2100 mAh battery charger with 2.1 A Micro USB connector

EAN 8018417237294
Input 12/24 VDC
Output 5VDC
Cable length Up to 90 cm
Plug type Cigarette lighter/12V socket
Connector Micro-USB
LED 1 for status
Charging type Fast


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This car charger with Micro USB connector is the ideal accessory for charging your smartphone when you travel.
The compact and ergonomic design makes it a practical product suitable for any situation.
Use is simple and intuitive: connect the charger to the cigarette lighter/12V socket of your car and insert the charging cable of your device into the charger’s USB output. In only 30 minutes, the smartphone’s charge level will be at 50%.
The 2.1A Micro USB connector is universal for Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Sony and other models that support this socket.
Drive in complete safety: this power supply is ideal for undertaking a journey without your device running down its battery charge.


Capacity: 2100 mAh
Charge level after 30 minutes: 50% *
Recharge with the vehicle’s 12/24V socket
Micro USB connector
Minimal encumbrance thanks to the small dimensions
1 LED status indicator
Cable length: 90 cm
* times are approximate and will depend on the device being recharged.

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