SBS Desk stand with 10W wireless charging


Black 10W wireless charger including rapid charge with QI Technology and Automatic Detection System

EAN 8018417253768
Included accessories Charging cable
Recharging cable USB 2.0 / Micro-USB
Input 5V 2A – 9V 1.7A
Output DC 5-9V 1.2-2.1A
Suited for Smartphones with QI Technology
Technology QI technology, Wireless, ADS (Automatic Detection System)
Transmission distance 3-8 mm
Charging type Fast
Other features Stand function



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The?desk stand with wireless charging?will allow you to recharge your smartphone simply by placing it on this handy accessory.

Use the cable in the package to provide energy to the support base. Attach the Micro USB connector to the dedicated input and the USB 2.0 end to the mains. In this way, the charger will transfer energy to your phone without using any cables.?This?10W charger?with stand function is designed for all mobile devices that support?QI technology: thanks to this wireless power supply mode, the recharge’s effectiveness is over 70%.

The QI certification is issued by the Wireless Power Consortium: this standard indicates chargers capable of?safely?charging mobile devices wirelessly.?To use the quick charge and get your smartphone charge level to 50% after 30 minutes, you need to connect the base to a?Quick Charge?charger. QC devices are able to considerably reduce the time needed for recharging thanks to QI technology.

ADS technology?(Automatic Detection System) allows the charger to recognise the device’s power needs in order to avoid overheating. Thanks to this innovative system, the base can recharge smartphones with a 5W or 7.5W power such as an iPhone X, 8 or 8 .

Its?modern design?and?compact dimensions?make it suitable for any environment: from the office to the living room. In addition, you can use this charger as a stand to view photos and videos?in comfort.


  • Support?with?wireless charging
  • Stand function
  • QI Technology
  • ADS Technology (Automatic Detection System)
  • Power: 10W
  • Transmission distance: 3-8 mm
  • USB 2.0 charging cable – Micro USB included in the package

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