SBS 3W wireless base

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For AirPods/AirPods Pro, QI compatible



The AirPods/AirPods Pro wireless charging base offers the ultimate convenience. Use it when you don’t have your earphone case cable handy or don’t want tangled wires on your desk.


This wireless base has 3W charging capacity and is designed for charging all AirPods models compatible with Qi-technology. Check to see if your Apple earphones support this method which enables wireless power transfer between devices.


Connect the charging base to a power source via the USB-C cable, included in the package. Simply place the AirPods case on the base and it will start charging.


  • 3W capacity
  • Qi Technology
  • AirPods case fully charged in 120 minutes



EAN: 8018417320125

Maximum output power: 3

W Technology: QI technology,

Wireless Charge Input current: Quick Charge 5VDC 3A/9VDC 2A/12.5VDC 1.5A (Type-C)

Charging type: Standard

Power connector: Type-C

Wireless Output: 3W

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