Life’s good when you play more with LG G5 H850

A transformative modular design

The new LG G5 is designed to help you get the most out of life. A forward thinking Blog-picture-LG5modular designs lets you use companion devices for enhanced camera capabilities.The
slide out battery can be swapped in a flash to help you stay connected with these and more LG friends to come it’s customization made easy.







Design without compromise

The LG G5’S Sleek lightweight design boats a metal alloy body available in a variety of colors. 3D Arc Glass gives the display a gentle curve on the top of the device for a seamless look.

A balance of form and function

The LG G5’S modular design lets you customize your phone features based on your needs.Simply slide the battery out and replace it with an LG Friend when it comes to features why settle when you can have it all?

Capture more of every moment

Take pictures like a pro with the LG G5. Dual rear camera offer standard and wide Angle Lens options to capture the big picture without compromising quality.